Executive Coaching

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
Certified Executive Coach/Consultant/Trainer

You are a success and you want to be more successful. You’re going up the ladder and you want to increase the velocity. You feel the need to solidify the certainty of your future and not take chances with your career in an uncertain, changing world. Too many responsibilities and crisis management are keeping you from focusing on important priorities. Time goes on and opportunities are being missed and your creativity is underutilized.
A bridge to get you from where you are to where you want to be may be executive coaching.

Our unique, confidential, Executive Coaching program will help you to become more successful, faster, and with great certainty. We help you to become more valuable to your organization. In a world of uncertainty, you may not be able to control many events but you can better control how your career progresses independent of the decisions of others. No job is permanent. Your career is.

Career success is not only getting more done in less time, but also creating more balance in your life between your professional life and your personal life. That’s what we will do together.

Why do I need an executive coach?

You don’t. You’re successful already. You will be a bigger success tomorrow. Sooner or later, you will probably get to where you want to be. With your own executive coach you will get there sooner, with greater certainty and control and predictability.

Tiger Woods has a coach. Pete Sampras has a coach. They don’t need a coach. They want a coach because they feel more comfortable with the direction, certainty and predictability of career success that a coach can provide.

“I’m not spending any more time, in fact less time, yet I’m using it much more effectively with the precise adjustments Don showed me.”

Who is my executive coach?

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore.

Don received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting (BSA) from Bentley College, his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Babson College, and his Juris Doctor Degree (JD) from Suffolk University Law School.

Dr. Wetmore created the Productivity Institute to help professionals get more done in less time, with less stress. In his coaching, seminars, keynotes, and consulting, he teaches success motivated people how to significantly increase their personal productivity, both on and off the job, and accomplish more in less time with less stress for greater personal balance.

During the past twenty years, Dr. Wetmore has made over two thousand presentations before people from around the Globe and worked with hundreds of executives and professionals, sharing his unique philosophy about the Time Management and Personal Productivity principles and tools he has created motivating them to accelerate their own progress. He has been a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association since 1989.

He is also a member of the faculty at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York, where he has served as Assistant Professor of Business Law and Department Chair for the undergraduate and graduate divisions. Currently, he is Adjunct Professor for the Master of Business Administration program and the author of “Beat the Clock”, “Organizing Your Life”, and over 100 published articles. He is frequently interviewed by major media including ABC Radio, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The London Observer, and the Dallas Morning News. He has appeared extensively on radio and television and as the host of the cable TV program, “It’s the Law”.

Dr. Wetmore and his wife Nancy recently celebrated their thirty-first wedding anniversary and are the parents of four children, all of whom are good time managers.

“My career path was a ‘maybe’. Now it’s a ‘definite’. I’m a lot more secure today because of Don’s help.”

What will executive coaching do for me?

Every executive coaching assignment is unique to accomplish your specific objectives. Some of the benefits others have achieved that you may want to include in your personal executive coaching program:

  • Strengthening your own organizational skills
  • Creating better focus on important priorities
  • Spending less time; spending it a lot more productively
  • Reducing your stress
  • Creating significant personal balance between work and personal life
  • Gaining greater control over your career path
  • Accelerating your career’s progression
  • Making more accurate goal selections and implementation
  • Creating a more valuable “you” within your organization
  • Achieving more consistent success
  • Realizing better career clarity
  • Improving your job satisfaction
  • Leveraging your results through resources in your control
  • Managing upper management.

Some client companies

  • The Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Cadbury Beverages
  • Con Edison
  • Pitney Bowes Corp
  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
  • Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Stew Leonard’s
  • Subway Corp.

What does executive coaching cost?

The most expensive trip you will take is to continue down a path that is not maximizing your returns for the time, talent, and resources you are expending. It creates a decreased present value of your future.

Question: “How much does your executive coaching cost?” Answer: “Would free be too much?”

Coaching is not a cost. It’s an investment. It really doesn’t matter what you pay for an investment. What’s relevant only is what you get in return. One of the best ways to jeopardize your career future in today’s world and increase the probability of a sluggish, stalled career is to look at coaching as a cost and pay the “price of not coaching” or provide substandard coaching that operates only as a Band-Aid for the real coaching requirements. The most expensive coaching is coaching that doesn’t work.

Our programs always provide a significant payback in bottom line results. The investment of executive coaching, when done right, is but a fraction of the payback.

“The Manchester survey of 140 companies shows nine in 10 executives believe coaching to be worth their time and dollars. The average return was more than $5 for each $1 spent.” — The Denver Post, September 2, 2001

“My value and self-esteem have increased exponentially. I’m a lot more in control of my career, my life, and my destiny.”

What’s the process?

It begins with an assessment of where you are now, a look at where you want to be, and the creation of a step-by-step plan of action to get you there.

The delivery and logistics will vary with each client because of your unique needs. We will work together with one-on-one contact, email and telephone conferences to completely accomplish your objectives.

“Don, you gave me the plan, but more important, you were there every step of the way helping me to make it work.”

How does it begin?

You contact Don directly at: (203) 386-8062 or email: info@balancetime.com We will discuss, in confidence, your unique objectives and how we can help solidify your career success.

“5 Time Management Errors Executives Should Avoid”. To get yours, email your request for “errors” to: info@balancetime.com.