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"Don Wetmore is one of the best and most entertaining keynote speakers out there today!"

For the last 20 years, Dr. Donald E. Wetmore has been a full-time professional speaker, presenting to over 2,000 audiences worldwide. In person and on television, he delivers a dynamic keynote that is entertaining, motivating, and filled with practical, common sense ideas to help his audiences achieve improved success in all areas of their lives.

In his keynotes he speaks forcefully and eloquently on such topics as "Personal Success is Your Choice", "Living Life on Purpose", and " The 48 Hour Day". He will personally research, prepare, and present a unique program for your audience.

Don will kick off your event in high gear and close your session on the highest plateau. And, he will gladly join with your group before and after his presentation for that "personal touch", and will be available to your audience via telephone after his presentation for anyone who would like to speak with him.

For more information about Don's keynotes for your next event, you may contact Don Wetmore directly at: (800) 969-3773 or (203) 386-8062 or send your email to him at: ctsem@msn.com.

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